Friday, August 3, 2012

Interactive Response Tools

Because I am presenting in two weeks on blended learning and ALL that it entails as I have scene it and experienced it last year, I sent this tweet out to my PLN.

I was blessed to receive a number of responses.  I am putting all of them in one area as a number of teachers may ask about this in the upcoming school year.

In no particular order:

Since I do not know what type of device everyone will have or what the wireless connection will be like, I have decided to have two different methods of response.

My preferred method will be to use the Answer Garden tool.  I created a test question and the response shows up below.

I like the way it shows up in a word cloud, and I like the different options for exporting and keeping.  It is also a big plus that no creation of an account is needed.

For those that have a cell phone, I think I will stick with PollEverywhere for now.

I am truly thankful for the help that I received in learning about great tools for interacting with an audience.

Please consider following them:

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