Friday, August 17, 2012

First Ever Techcoach Chat on Twitter

A number of weeks ago, I accepted a new position in our district.  Technology Integration Specialist.  I wanted to connect with teachers who had similar responsibilities and did so through Twitter.  Along with @michellerussell we created the #techcoach chat which started last night.  For the first ten minutes it was just three people and THEN it exploded.

So many great people with so many different and engaging ideas.  The storify is here!

Ideas that I will take away from the chat.
  • Whenever I observe teachers performing great things using technology, I will send a form of communication with an "I observed", "I noticed", "I wonder" See Tweet
  • Create some sort of time for teachers to learn at their own free will: Whiteboard Wednesdays, Tech Tuesdays, Tech Tip Tool Thursdays See Tweet Digital Citizenship Days See Tweet
  • I really liked WOW (Wired on Wednesdays) in summer! See Tweet
  • Focus on Technology Look Fors using standards to get teachers to try implementing tech See Tweet
  • Techcoach Menu See Tweet See Blog
  • Team Teach, Teacher learns tech while you #techcoach teachers See Tweet
Overall, incredible hour of learning and another great example of how PD has changed over the years!

Join us next week for another great #techcoach chat Thursdays 8:30 PM EST. And don't forget to become part of the community...join now.
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