Monday, February 20, 2012

This Is How We Do It!

Today our school district created a professional development day that was conducted entirely in house.  Twenty-six different staff members developed a lesson for staff that was based on something they feel passionate about relating to technology.

Our idea was to teach staff how we would teach students.  Conducting a lesson plan complete with integrating technology while learning content.  Our content needed to be fun.  We chose bathroom etiquette.  It was well received.

Our entire lesson was really a Lesson About Nothing. (We created a blog specifically for all the resources that we used, and the Simple Mind creations of the teachers)  However, we incorporated a number of tech tools.
Non tech tools included an introduction to our collaborative white board areas.

Teachers laughed, struggled, and engaged their way through the lesson and discovered the possibilities of truly integrating technology into a classroom setting.

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