Thursday, February 2, 2012

Experiential Learning The Battle of Lexington & Concord

Yesterday was a great example of how our house, with smaller student numbers and a flexible schedule, can use technology and experiential learning.

  • We used a script that WASN'T printed on paper to hand out.  We placed the script of each battle in Google Docs and then posted it to our website.  We had enough iPads for most students to view.
  • iPads allowed for us to be mobile.  If we would have had netbooks or laptops they would have been extremely clumsy
  • Different students were filmers of each battle.  The iPad was very mobile and easy to use.
  • We had three different camera people so as to have three different angles.  It is amazing to see how much additional action a person sees from different angles.
  • Students will use Reel Director to create a finished movie project.
  • Students handled the iPads with care.  Nothing negative happened.
  • Our schedule allows for us to have 1:20 to 2:58 for 8th and 9th hour.  We do not need to adhere to the bell which allows for an extended session of discovery.
  • The thought of moving and experiencing learning provides so many positive comments from students.
    • "I understand this because we actually did it.
    • "Is the class period over already?" My Favorite
    • Can I be a filmer?
    • Can I be George Washington?
  • Even though 8th graders "ACT COOL" they love learning like this.
See how we did it.

Battle of Lexington & Concord:

The Reading of The Declaration of Independence

Battle of Bunker Hill

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