Thursday, January 19, 2012

iPad + Twitter = Perfect Tool For A Timeline

We have been studying the events leading up to the American Revolution.  First, with individual exploration of learning, and second, with some direct instruction. Read all of about that here, here, and here,

Today, we have assigned students an assessment that requires them to use Twitter.  Items we needed to think about prior to assigning this type of assessment are below:
  • What order should the tweets be in?  We decided to have the tweets be in reverse chronological order so that when the student is done, the tweets will be in the correct order from the top (beginning of the story) to the bottom (end of the story).
  • How will we be able to quickly view the tweets?  Students have their own, unique hashtag for each tweet.  This will allow us to click on the hashtag to see all tweets in order.
  • How hard is it?  Some students expressed a challenge of limiting to 140 characters.  The purpose is to give a timeline of events, which SHOULD be summarized in short phrases.
View the Process:

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