Monday, October 17, 2011

Quizlet - Perfect For iPad

Our math lesson today brought us to multiplying and dividing integers.  We will get to the contextual problems tomorrow, but today we focused on the rules for multiplying and dividing integers.

I started by displaying a Google Presentation that put the rules in a love/hate relationship.  See it below.

We then moved to two great Quizlet sets of multiplying/dividing integers.  I love Quizlet as it works fantastically on the iPad.  Yes, I know there is an app, but we really don't need it, and the links to the flashcards are easy access on our classroom blog.  I was also thankful that I saved some time and chose a group of flashcards that were previously made from a different person.

See the video of our class in action with Quizlet on the iPad2.

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