Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Note Taking Apps

@KristinStrauman hit me up on Twitter with a great question:  What is the best overall note taking ipad app for students-- able to type and HW?

Obviously, this calls for student input and a blog post!

PaperPort Notes or Noterize  (FREE)
Written about here, and here!
This app allows for typing, annotating with handwriting, and importing pictures and pdfs.

ScratchWork  (FREE)
This app is outstanding because notes with texting and drawing can be right next to a screen of the internet.  Truly awesome!  Our students used it here.

DrawPad  ($1.99)
Allows for everything.  It does cost money, but may be an app that everyone can use.  Therefore, justified.

Totes Em Notes  (FREE for now)
Great little app that has cool graphics.  Can be used to type or text.
Our students have access to it, but I don't have footage of it.  I did find this...

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