Monday, February 9, 2015

iMovie: Integration Apps For The iPad

It is important to understand the tools that exist for efficient, effective, and engaging productivity by our students and staff utilizing the iPad. 

This does not dismiss the importance and necessity of Google apps or Creation apps used on the iPad, but "showing what you know" is a critical skill for students. 

Continuing a four part series of Integrating Apps for the iPad will be our Lunch N' Learn's focus.

Four Apps. True Productivity.

Week 1: Notability
Week 2: Recordium
Week 3: Explain Everything
Week 4: iMovie

Define: Integrat(ion)

iMovie has been used, either in movie mode or trailer mode forty-seven documented times in our middle and high school.

Extremely Versatile Creation Tool
All About Your Image
Age of Reason Fantasy Draft in Social Studies
40 Seconds With Flex Mod Digital Workflow
Assessment Ideas At Your Fingertips Using the iPad
Food Talks Using Chatterpix
Flex Modular Scheduling - Here We Go
iPad and iMovie Brings Smiles On Fishing Trip
n2y Winner, Mrs. Morgan!
iMovie on iPad - Adding Subtitles
4th Annual Good Triathlon
App Smash Options For End of Year Projects
Final Four App Madness Breakdown
Teacher Sub Plans For Substitute Teacher Via iPad and YouTube
Splicing iMovie and Exporting To Explain Everything
App Smash PicCollage and iMovie Student Example
G Drive (Green) App For Downloading Video To iPad
Basic Anatomy Students Helping Patients
Illustrating A Book On an iPad or Online
iMovie Updates in iOS 7
Lunch N' Learn Promotion Using Canva
Storyboarding For iMovie
U.S. History 1990 and Early 2000 iMovie Trailers
Meograph - Four Dimensional Storytelling
Teacher's First iMovie Creation
3rd Annual Goody Challenge
Many Students Taking Video To Google Drive To iMovie
iMovie Trailers For Renewable Energy Resources
Students Using iMovie Trailer To Promote Alternate Energy Business
Creation Apps and Web For Anatomy Problem Based Learning
Lunch N' Learn Trailer Using Intro Designer App
8th Grade Scheduling Open House
FACS Infomercial Using iMovie
iMovie To Document Hunger Banquet
Anatomy PBL Video
Aid To third World Country Using iMovie
Project Based Learning In Anatomy Using iMovie
iMovie Trailer Student Reaction
iMovie Trailer For Absolute Ruler Promotion
iMovie Trailer Options For Students To Acquire Material 
iMovie Tutorial For Teacher To Show In Class
Transfer of Matter Through iMovie and Skitch
Story Term Project
iMovie For Seven Deadly Sins of Video
Creating America's Story on the iPad
Best Learning Experiences 2011-2012
iPad, iMovie, Extras4iMovie, and Scroll Credits
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