Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Ant Smasher App Fit Into Elimination Method

One More Time:  Integrating a tech tool at the appropriate time is THE single most important concept teachers need to understand when using tech tools in their classroom.

Today was a prime example.

I introduced the Elimination Method in a Direct Instruction setting.  After showing one problem, I asked the students to find the Ant Smasher App (FREE) on their iPad.  I did not instruct them in any way, but told them to play.

Screams, Shrills, Excitement (especially when bugs multiplied) Commenced!

After 3-4 minutes of smashing ants, I asked this...

The students then proceeded to their groups to work on similar problems.

As always, I find a concept and attach any app, website, video, or anything else that connects life moments to mathematical content.

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