Friday, February 13, 2015

The Sketchnote Process

One of the twenty-four Google Slide templates serves as the backdrop for explaining Sketchnotes to students. Sketchnoting is a process that I started about two years ago.  It wasn't until the implementation of the Flex Mod schedule and true designation of "large group instruction" time, that I found a place for Sketchnoting.  Now, I am certain that Sketchnoting will fit into a student's life.

After extensive reading, speaking with educators, and practicing, I believe Sketchnoting can be and should be a tool used often in a student's educational life.  Whether completed using paper and pencil or a tremendous art app (Paper 53 now free) which is included in my "Top Tech Tool" infographic, the process can truly revolutionize one's ability to remember concepts.

A presentation intended for teachers and students on the "Art of Sketchnoting".  It will take about 25 minutes to share all the information with students or adults.  Consider giving students or staff a blank piece of 8.5" x 11" paper to "sketchnote" the presentation.  It's a great eye opener to see how the notes start with all words and progresses to images and words as the end of the presentation draws near.
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Eighth Grade Student Examples
As Mrs. Hoffmann, one of our middle school art teacher, stated,
"My 8th graders today really enjoyed it and wished that their other teachers would do this and actually give them time to do this because their teachers just rush through everything so they feel they have to write everything."
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