Thursday, October 23, 2014

Assessment Ideas At Your Fingertips Using the iPad

During our inservice day, teachers were involved with the topic of assessment.  With Mrs. Schmidt, I led two sessions on assessment using the iPad.

To begin we talked about Assessment For/Of Learning, how assessments look differently with Smarter Balanced in the picture, benefits of iPad Creation Apps for assessment, and how the four C's are required for assessment using certain apps on the iPad.

Apps that were presented with real classroom video examples include
While having lists of apps is not something I strive to share with teachers, specific examples of how the apps have and could be used in classrooms is important.  Our hope is that teachers will choose one or two of the apps to focus in on and have students use them often.  Once students use the app over and over again, the technology tool doesn't  become the learning experience.  The technology tool becomes the medium for students to "show what they know".

Time is always a precious aspect of the classroom.  We understand that.  If you are a classroom teacher, please try one app and stick with it.  Students will get very proficient at using it.  You will find that the time for creation assessments WILL get shorter while the content quality improves.

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