Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Storyboarding For iMovie

Our AP Environmental Science students are about to embark on creating videos for two "areas of concern' (AOC) in our local area.  These videos will be made with an iPad and iMovie.

Before the videos can be created, some preparation work needs to be done.

Students need to know that storyboarding is truly what makes the video pop!  Thinking through the following items will help to ensure a final quality product.

  • Scene Setting: Where will the scene be filmed? If still images, what scenes will the still images portray.
  • Scene Characters: Who will be in the scene?
  • Scene Visual: Somewhat similar to scene setting, but with more emphasis on the actions that will take place during the scene.
  • Scene Text: Specifically, what will be said and who will say the exact words during the scene.

While we love using technology at the correct time in our district, the best tool for storyboarding is paper and pencil.  Therefore, the link below may be useful as a storyboard.  Students will only print out the number of scenes that they fill will take place during their production.

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