Friday, January 16, 2015

Google Apps Needed On The iPad

Google Apps are getting better every day!  Yesterday, when I created a picture, I just tweeted it.  Today, I realized I've utilized and posted a large number of times on these tools.

Google Drive App
Drive & Docs on iPad
Turn In Folder
Updates For Staff
Book Exporting Options
PicCollage To Google Drive To Teacher
Google Drive i Stands For Information
Google Drive To Document Standards
Google Drive on Computer and iPad
Google Drive on the iPad
Stick Around To Google Drive

Google Docs App
Google Docs on the iPad
Google Docs via Safari on Web
Google Docs Discovery By Student
Reading Book and Using Google Docs

Google Sheets App
Google Sheets on the iPad
Time Sheet via Google Form

Google Slides App
Google Slides on the iPad
INSERT Image in Slides (workflow for now)
Explaining Blood Flow in Heart (Images coming soon on iPad)
Google Slides to Explain Everything
Rethinking Slides
Google Linking Options

Google Search App
Slightly Different on iPad
Google Search Features
Underutilized app - Need to do more with this!

Google Classroom App
Google Classroom (app just came out, reviewing later)
Assignment Quick View
Starting New Semester or Removing Students
Google Classroom Intro

For an amazing resource, Check our Google Apps for the iPad by ShakeUpLearning

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