Monday, April 28, 2014

App Smash Options For End Of Year Projects

*All links are examples of the apps in use with different content areas.
The end of the year is upon us.  AP testing dates are passing soon.  Providing a valuable "Show What You Know" project can be an effective method for an end of the unit/year project.  Finding the right combination of apps to "smash" together can provide choice for students as they provide you with the insight that they have.

Starting with iPads, here are some suggestions for smashing apps to create "Show What You Know" opportunities.

Pic Collage + Funny Movie Maker + iMovie

Pic Collage can be a great tool to place more than one image together to make an image.  With that, Funny Movie Maker can be used to transform any image into a talking image with 30 seconds of audio.  Combine those to applications into an iMovie and students can "Show What They Know" from different character perspectives.  Since Funny Movie Maker is free, it does provide some advertisement.  Simply "cut" that portion out while the movie is opened in iMovie.  

 PicCollage + Thinglink + Explain Everything
PicCollage is a great tool to place more than one image with other images.  Take that image and place it into a Thinglink and all aspects of the combined images can be interactive.  Taking that image and placing it in an Explain Everything through the link that Thinglink provides can allow an opportunity for an audio recording that enhances the creation.

Snapseed is the premier image editing app.  It allows for many filters and alterations that can enhance the image.  Combine multiple images into a PicCollage and add that to a Haiku Deck for presentations and a challenging, yet enriching, app smash has occurred.

As always the final products can be shared with the instructor via Google Drive.

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