Monday, January 26, 2015

Recordium: Integration Apps For The iPad

It is important to understand the tools that exist for efficient, effective, and engaging productivity by our students and staff utilizing the iPad.

This does not dismiss the importance and necessity of Google apps or Creation apps used on the iPad, but enhanced audio recordings can be created with ease while using the iPad.

Part two of our four part series of Integrating Apps for the iPad starts now.

Four Apps. True Productivity.

Week 1: Notability
Week 2: Recordium
Week 3: Explain Everything
Week 4: iMovie

Define: Ingerat(ion)
Recordium iPad App Free Paid $4.99
Recordium for iPad is a powerful audio-recording app that lets a student/staff member
  • highlight parts of speech while speech continues to be recorded
  • tag portions of the speech
  • drop a note exactly at the point of the speech while still hearing the lecture
  • add an image exactly during the time of the speech that it's needed
  • trimming tool of the speech to cut out unwanted parts
  • Pause/Start feature that is seamless
  • share the recording via Google Drive or email
Images of Recordium Options and example of Recordium projects.  (The projects in this folder are in a .CAF format which is only accessible by using the Recordium app.  As is shown below, changing the settings BEFORE recording can provide two options for listening without the app: MP4 & WAV.

Our student's first use in AP European History
  • Must change recording settings to a WAV file PRIOR to recording
  • Was able to upload to Google Drive to share with students, but they will be downloading it to their computer and must have QuckTime installed in order to listen
  • Listen to the teacher's lecture - if an iPad exsits, the Google Drive "open in" option will allow for Recordium to be the option (Use Free Version)
Student Reaction

I personally used the Recordium app in Anatomy Class. My reflections:
  • Easy pause/record when there was a break in the lecture
  • Tags of "New To Me" and "Review" were SO HELPFUL when adding quick
    statements to audio 
  • Loved that all annotations were placed directly where I placed them during recording
  • Photo feature allowed me to zoom in to take a quality photo of the slide and that it was placed directly at the point in which the teacher provided the information
  • I needed to have the microphone input greater than normal (image can be viewed here)
  • I was in the back of the room and was able to pick up the audio of the teacher.

If all of the additional features are not needed from Recordium, consider Audio Memos Free.  However, some functions you will NOT get with this app.
  • Folder organization
  • Exporting to Google Drive
Item you will get in free version: 
  • Ads
  • Password Protection of Recordings

As we move into the Flex Mod schedule, these apps would be PERFECT for large group instruction time.  Recording and annotating a lecture can lead to reviewing of that lecture during Personal Learning Time (PLT).

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