Tuesday, May 8, 2012

St. Louis Arch and App Digital Resource You Can Think Of...

"Being Less Helpful" (credit Mr. Meyer) rings loud and clear in today's learning activity.  I did guide the students with six questions that needed answers, but failed at giving them everything.

Check That.

They have everything: access to the knowledge of the world (iPad/internet), previous days learning factoring of quadratic equations, the value of the Quadratic Formula, 150 applications on the iPad, a mind to question, and each other!

What More Can A Person Ask For?  Besides a really fast car!

Watch the learning experience unfold through the video that was taken!

Tools that students used to solve and create:
I love this stuff!

The entire 24 video playlist is below, but won't work on an iPad.  Get the direct link to the playlist!
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