Wednesday, June 4, 2014

iPad and iMovie Brings Smiles On Fishing Trip

Two years ago, Mr. Goodness, Pulaski High School physical education teacher, was given an iPad.  He admittedly had no idea how or why he would use it.  However, after numerous conversations with me he started using Coach My Video to help students obtain physical education goals.  The entire process has moved him to use video to demonstrate learning via goals set for each student.  These videos are displayed during parent-student-teacher conferences and parents love them!  The entire learning process for him has developed into a great working relationship between the two of us!

He now takes his iPad everywhere!

On a recent trip, he captured so many precious moments that tears developed while I watched this video.  These students are truly blessed to have Mr. Goodness working with them.  Fortunately, we are able to experience his great work through the lens of an iPad.

View the 2014 Fishing Video

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