Friday, December 12, 2014

40 Seconds With Flex Mod Digital Workflow

As readers of iPaddiction know, Pulaski High School is transitioning to the flexible modular schedule so finally, "Time can serve students, instead of students serving time".  As a result, we are creating informational videos to answer questions.

WITHOUT the use of the iPad and all its apps, Google Drive and its collaboration capabilities, and the incredible creativity by our staff and students, these videos would NOT have been completed in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!

Making these videos required an efficient Digital Workflow.  The process included:
  • Google form to gather questions from students after the introductory video
  • Answering the questions in print form on a Google Spreadsheet
  • Assigning multiple teachers to record videos via smartphones of students asking the questions 
  • Uploading these videos to a Google Folder using the Google Drive app on smartphones
  • Renaming the video questions by the question in the Google Drive app
  • Assigning multiple teachers to record videos via smartphones of teachers answering the questions
  • Importing a introduction "40 Seconds With Flex Mod" graphic created by our art teacher on an iMac in Photoshop into a single iPad using Google Drive
  • Creating the original soundtrack by our band teacher using AudioTool in Chrome
  • Converting the soundtrack from a MP3 file to an ACC file using Online Covert 
  • Importing the soundtrack onto a single iPad using Google Drive
  • Using "Open In" for all of the graphics, sound, and video into iMovie on the iPad
  • A black background was placed for two seconds before and after the video to allow for the music track to work
  • The audio track was cut at the time the student started asking the question and the teacher ended answering it.  The audio during the speaking was dropped to 30% of the original volume
  • The video was renamed the question and produced to the camera roll.
  • Google Drive allowed for all the videos to be uploaded into a shared Google Drive folder
  • Our website designer placed them on our flex mod website's  FAQ page

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