Thursday, January 17, 2013

FACS Infomercial Using iPad iMovie

It may be just my belief, but the specialist areas of our educational system get over looked to a degree.  It was with this that I approached our Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teachers Mrs. Moehr & Miss Martens  back in September about creating a YouTube channel with videos of students cooking.  Not quite like the Food Network, but similar in fashion.

Our first attempt came to reality over the last three days.

Day 1 provided a short description of video tips presented to the student by me.  Examples included where the camera app exists on the iPad, rule of thirds, where the mic was on the iPad, how to delete a clip that is not wanted, and making the video clips short, concise, and to the point. During Day 1 students asked myself and the classroom teacher trouble shooting questions.  One important aspect of this was that the FASC teacher created a iMovie on the iPad prior to students creating their project.

Day 2 was more video taping, but not with me present in the classroom.  The FACS teacher was totally in charge of any iPad video trouble shooting.  I was available by email for support.

Day 3 consisted of a short iMovie tutorial by myself.  On of the great realizations is that throughout the school many of these students had created a video project with iMovie prior to this class.  FANTASTIC!  Now there were many additional student experts in the class along with the FACS teacher and myself.  We also demonstrated to the students the publishing process and sharing the final product with the teacher via Google Drive on the iPad.

Day 4 will be today, and I will not be in the classroom.  The FACS teachers will be the content teacher and the technology teacher.  They will have support through email and a "check in" by me at some point.

I really appreciate the FACS teacher's willingness to try something new despite only six iPads and no prior iMovie experience.

See the process:

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