Wednesday, December 23, 2015

About.Me Student Digital Life

As we move into a new way of thinking, we are encouraging students to positively portray themselves online.  By "new way of thinking" I refer to a past practice where we encouraged students to limit items online.  Today, we need to encourage students to have three major digital items before leaving high school.  As George Courcos elaborated on these items in his 2015 TIES Conference Keynote, we must mold student's behavior and knowledge so that they are positively portrayed online.

Mr. Otto, business teacher, was already in the midst of having his students develop a resume.  We decided that students would create an About.Me page so that they begin to have one of the three items they need to have before they leave high school.

Our students and instructor created some amazing pages on their way to a positive, digital life.  I used the embed feature from About.Me to create the information below.  If you are in the About.Me community, consider giving the students a compliment.
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