Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WIX Website Building For Spanish Students

Mrs. Titler and Ms. Slusarek, PHS Spanish teachers, asked a few weeks ago about website building tools for students to "Show What They Know".  Besides Google Sites, WIX was a suggestion I provided as it is an easy drag and drop tool to build a website.

A guest blog post is below along with student examples.

The students just completed a project where they had to make a web page giving advice and suggestions to people who want to be come different types of professions. The students worked with a partner, picked a profession and created the webpage with information such as typical day, salary, description of job duties and characteristics of a good worker. They did a great job, but I especially liked the projects that used WIX. This was a new web building tool for me and I was very pleased with how the website looked. The students said that it was easy to use, but that they needed a lot of information to fill it up. I included some examples here for you to see. There are some errors, but the overall presentation is what I wanted to share with you. Thank you for the suggestion!

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