Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shadow Puppet on iPad and Storybird via Chrome For Creation

Students creating content on the iPad and or using a Chrome browser is all about what students know or can formulate.  It is truly one of the best assessment and or creation methods that can be integrated into the educational setting.  Two applications that have gained my attention over the last week are below.  One is for the iPad and one is for the Chromebook/laptop.

Storytelling can take two forms.  One can be of pictures that the student takes and develops written/auditory words that explain the pictures. Another form can be writing that revolves around pictures that others create.

Examples of Storytelling in the educational setting:
  • Explaining a process such as mitosis or steps to solving mathematical problems
  • Developing sentence structure
  • Providing details of a solution to a problem
  • Examining/clarifying lab results
  • Comparing and contrasting two, three, or more concepts
  • Alternative to semester exam; describe the concepts learned throughout the semester
  • Promotion of ideas

I also recently decided to purchase the Paper 53 complete set of tools in the app (I have had the free version on my iPad for more than a year).  I really like the way Paper 53 makes a person with zero artistic talent have some semblance of artist capability.  I have also been intrigued by the Sketch Notes that many of my PLN are utilizing. Brad ADE Class of 2010 is the first person I saw Sketch Noting at the ADE Institute in Austin.

Using an iPad?
The Shadow Puppet app is a free app that allows for no nonsense, easy creation of ideas, thoughts, and productivity.  I like how the final video creation can be sent to the camera roll which lends itself to easy uploading to Google Drive.
A Tutorial

My Creation - Took less than 15 minutes to make.  Took screen shots from the iPad, and started the creation.

Using a Chromebook?
The Storybird Chrome Store App is a free app and service that allows for the creation of short stories. A great set of video tutorials have been created if you would like to set up a classroom of students.  This would be great for management of the creations.  If you don't want to create a class, have students sign up as students and create individual accounts.

I have found a very detailed tutorial by another tech coach, Megan Ryder, that outlines everything. She really does a great job.
One of her tutorials is below.

As always, I am willing to help a teacher learn, understand, and co-teach these tools in the classroom if they meet learning objectives that need to be mastered.
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