Monday, November 17, 2014

2014 Midwest Google Summit Day 1 Resources and Reflection

The 2014 Midwest Google Summit began today as a two day learning opportunity for educators.  Teachers were focused on integrating Google Apps for Education by certified Google Teachers.  My notes were taken with the Paper 53 app which allows for tremendous creation opportunities.  I used the #Sketchnote option to produce ideas.  I chose this method because all of the resources that presenters create are online.  I wanted to create the notes so that they make sense in a visual way.  Below are the highlights of my learning day complete with visual Sketchnotes and written information.

Mark Garrison - Keynote

Important Statements:

  • Experiences In Technology Involve Innovation
  • It's Not What The Teacher Knows About Tech, It's What The Students Create
  • Ask Students To Change, Need Teachers To Lead
  • 4 Cs are Above SAMR
  • Start Stop Share

Important Statements:

Important Statements:
  • Four Stages of YouTube Use: Funny Videos, Tutorials, Publishing, Google Hangouts On Air 
  • Funny Videos For Hooks and Discussion Starters
  • Tutorials For Sub Plans and Video Tutorials of Lessons
  • YouTube for Uploading of Content, Web Cams, Hangouts, and Editor

Important Statements:

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