Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Google Forms: Only One Response, Shuffle Questions and More

Google continues to improve FORMS!!!

For assessment, data acquiring, surveying, t-shirt options, and more!

New features in Google Forms could be utilized to validate the data.  I created a form to specifically test all of the new features.

Google Form Options
Clicking the final two boxes provides some options.

Only allow one response per person provides this if a responder wants to fill the form out again.

From my testing, I have concluded that this works even if the Require "your organization" login to view this form is NOT checked.

It occurs Incognito mode as well.

I also tested the "Shuffle Question Order"
My original form looks like this.

Another feature while adding multiple choice or choose from a list questions is shuffling the answers.

I completed the form four times and each time the form questions were in a different order.  I did notice that the PASSWORD question was always first - that's a good thing!
The responses in the spreadsheet were all in the same order! The form questions were not.  That rocks!

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