Thursday, March 10, 2016

Twitter Exit Ticket

In the Flex Mod we have options for having a large group information presentation session.  As the World History group of teachers continues to add new ways to engage students, we decided to create a Twitter Feed Timeline for information pertaining to the Russian Revolution.  I am a member of their team because in the flex mod, teachers have collaboration time once a week.  As a technology integration support teacher, I am in the meetings discovering what the teachers are teaching and adding "technology integration ideas" when appropriate.

It started when I found the Fake Twitter Feed.  However, in large group the time and process would have been larger than we would have had access to if completed online.

I decided to created a "fake Twitter profile and timeline" using Google Draw that would become a paper copy.  While the images are below of what we printed off you can access all items in a

Twitter Exit Ticket Folder (click)

so that you can use the exit ticket digitally or on paper.

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