Tuesday, December 31, 2013

iVisual Touch Infographic of 2103 Lunch N' Learns

Today, I learned about the iVisual info Touch iPad Infographic App through Richard Byrne @ iPad Apps For School.  We have implemented infographics in our high school Human Geography last year so I was intrigued to see if an iPad app could be used with students.

I created an infographic for Lunch N' Learn statistics.  This is the first full year of volunteer learning opportunities for our high school staff.

Positives of iVisual Touch 
  • Free Form Writing Lines
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Four Pages of Icons
  • Colorful World Flags
  • Color Palette
  • Seven Fonts
  • Add Pictures (Great to use with other apps such as Skitch or PicCollage)
  • Grid Lines for Creating
  • Save To Camera Roll (Great for uploading to Google Drive)
Negatives of iVisual Touch
  • No Locking Options of Objects
  • No Undo Button
  • No Automatic Save
  • Free app great to try, but limited options (I purchased the full app)
Impact On Students:
Creativity: Students can continue to use their imagination to create graphics that express their summary skills.

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