Tuesday, December 22, 2015

iPad Apps and Technology Tools For Learning Vocabulary Terms

Writing a vocabulary word followed by a dash and the definition is fairly isolated learning.  Enhancing the learning opportunity through connecting to real life situations and experiences can be so much more valuable.  In the upcoming semester, provide consider using offering technology tools to solidify a student's understanding and application of vocabulary in specific content areas.

Explain Everything
With an endless stage and the ability add images, videos, web pages a student can provide imagery to words.  Add in the ability for students to record their voice for understanding along with easy exporting to the camera roll, Google Drive, or Canvas and Explain Everything is perfect.

A screen that provides web making options to tie all of the terms around a main idea fits learning vocabulary terms easier.  Adding images in the same "bubble" as the words and definitions will add to the understanding.  Text is easy with the typing of characters or writing with a utensil.  Easy exporting to the camera roll, Google Drive, or Canvas allows for an efficient "Check For Understanding".

While Evernote is ending it's life with Skitch in mid 2016, Skitch continues to be a tremendous tool for an image annotated with shapes, text, or drawings.  The only negative would be the option to only add one image at a time.  If a variety is needed before the end of the school year in 2016, give Skitch a chance.

With the opportunity to have a controlled, framed image or a scattered image, multiple words, pictures and definitions can be placed on to one collage.  Exporting to the camera roll, Google Drive, or Canvas is simple for students.

Perfect for word webs only, SimpleMind has the opportunity to be color coded with words, definitions, problems & solutions to understand the vocabulary word.  Exporting is easy as an image once the web is completed.  No inserting of images is available in the free version.

Stick Around
While our district has not purchased an entire district set of this app, Stick Around is perfect for labeling and practicing terms relating to images. Currently, the Science and some of the social studies' iPads have Stick Around available for use with students.

Google Drive & Shared Document
Having students create a folder for images that represent the definitions or applications of vocabulary
words could be a method for putting all of the information in one place.  Don't forget that a document shared with partners or groups could be a method for collaborating on words and definitions.  One students could be responsible for the word and an image, while another student could be responsible for the "book definition" and parts of speech, while a third student could be responsible for an applicable activity or statement.

This tool can be a place for students to create "flashcards" in which to study.  Images can be added.  Learning is one section but two games exist, Scatter and Gravity.  Surprisingly high school students like these games which is evidence by the "what time did you get" comments that occur followed by a "let's do play it again". Lastly, all of the terms can be included in a custom designed test filled with written, matching, multiple choice, and true/false assessments.

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