Tuesday, January 14, 2014

English 10 Show What You Know Instead of Semester Exam

Because of Tony Vincent's tremendous work with the Show What You Know infographic, our English 10 (E10) students are going to demonstrate learning through THEIR CHOICE of creation tools.  Students were given the opportunity to read an SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) book of their choice throughout the semester.  While describing the actions and events of the book, students are to think and contemplate how their personal book related to books that were read in class, i.e. "To Kill A Mockingbird".  They will demonstrate their knowledge through a "presentation" to the class.  However, the "presentation" is NOT a stand up and read event.  We want students to provide SOME visual, but not too much as they are to provide audio insight into their knowledge as well.

This morning, I presented nine different tools under four different headings:
  • Collages
  • Comics
  • Posters
  • Slide Presentations

With only a visual and a few tips, students can choose what they want to create.  They were also challenged to "Smash Them".  Can they create something in one tool and combine it with another tool?

We printed the document, so they were able to take the web address with them.
The presentation for the students is below.

Impact On Students:
Creativity:  Choosing the correct tool for the presentation is not the only task.  Designing a quality product that describes the reading and how it ties into books from the class takes creativity.  Limiting the words so as to not overwhelm the viewer also takes creativity.
Critical Thinking: By limiting the amount of specific directions about each creation tool, students will need to learn, master, and use the tools correctly that are provided within each creation tool.

*Thank you Tony Vincent for creating such an incredibly useful tool.  Without it, I would have not been able to create what I did within a short amount of time.

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