Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting To Know iCloud

Because of the wildly famous, Learning On The Loo bathroom technology information, staff have asked for additional information on iCloud, the online storage option available through Apple.

iCloud is an Apple feature that is on every computer, iPhone, iPad, and iPad!  Getting to know this feature may help with understand storage features and settings to make your iDevice experience efficient and meaningful.

Most of the iCloud features will be found on mobile devices.

iCloud is Apple's version of online cloud storage.  Similar to Google Drive it features storage options for apps, pictures, videos, books, and music.  In addition, it will back up information.

Apple provides everyone with an Apple ID 5 GB of free storage.  

Many of your family's iDevices may be using iCloud storage to the point where you feel you may need more.  You can manage what devices use and don't use iCloud service.  This may save you money.

Some features, such as sharing photos, across iDevices uses iCloud, but doesn't use iCloud storage space. 

 iCloud is NOT required for storage as you can simply use your home computer.

One final note, iCloud can be used on a computer. This is a great feature when using the Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod tracking feature.

Great features are included for finding an iDevice and can be used on an iPhone/iPad or on the computer! Have Time? Read The Ultimate Guide
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