Monday, February 6, 2017

Flipboard Magazine Resource For Journal Reflections in Communication in Writing

In the past, one printed article was handed to the students for a "response journal" in Communication in Writing class.  Students read the exact, single article that was given to them from the teacher.  Reflect and apply it to their life and the assignment was complete.

With the implementation of Flipboard we accomplished two objects:
  1.  Introduce students to a tool (Flipboard) that can provide quality written and visual resources to get them interested in topics they love.
  2.  Create a quality magazine developed by the teachers that centers on  articles based on Communicating in the Workplace.
Introducing Flipboard reminds of the times in elementary school that we
used Play-Doh.  The teacher always let us "create whatever we wanted" for about 10-15 minutes and then it was time to develop a clear product based on teacher direction.  The way Flipboard sets up their "Get Started" page on a mobile device sucks users in because the students get to choose the topics they love.  As soon as they are done choosing topics based on their interests, Flipboard immediately populates riveting articles and resources to view and read.

Even the most reluctant students get sucked into the greatness of Flipboard.

While students choose one article to reflect on via the magazine that
Mr. Mentink created they respond to questions on paper.  (Created by Mr. Manning)
View Action Photos

View Flipboard Magazine.
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