Friday, June 1, 2012

iPad Integration Year 1 Summary

As of today, our classroom sessions have ended.  It has been one amazing and engaged school year!

389 Blog Posts
60,775 Pageviews
859 Published Videos of iPad use and our classroom
19,521 YouTube video views

Let's look back at the most popular blog posts of the year.

Number 5 with 652 views:
QR Code Check Out  Note: this post was the first post that really showed me the power of Twitter.  You can read the post for details, but I saw a tweet, had an idea, put it into action, and BOOM it blew up on Twitter and this blog!

Number 4 with 2,581 views:
Creation Apps Used On The iPad  Note:  Received an email from a fellow teacher and shared the answers to her questions with the world!

Number 3 with 2,588 views:
Teaching Teachers Who Will Use 1:1 iPads in 2012  Note:  It truly has been an amazing experience to share my lessons learned with others.  It really isn't about what we do, it's about changing the culture of education.

Number 2 with 3,923 views:
8 Burning Questions About iPads in Class (Answered!)  Note:  This was my first major post to hit the thousand view mark.  It really taught me the power of blogging and how if a blog post has good content, it can be beneficial for so many people.

and the Number 1 blog post with 4,303 views is...(drum roll)
Google Docs on the iPad  Note:  At the time of this post, Google Docs was working very well with iPads.  Now, that's not the case.  I hope it gets better, soon!

While those numbers are staggering for me as just a teacher who is trying to give back to the educational community, the real numbers that I cling to are...47, 30, 3, and.

47 - Students
30 iPads
3 Educators
1 Amazing School District

I really felt like we met the needs of ALL children.  The quiet who can provide a view and voice through apps and online discussions.  The loud who can shout there thoughts through creative apps!  The creative who can flourish through daily displays of their talent.  The shy who can have a voice to the world through blogging.  The film stars who love getting videod about a technology or academic find that they can share.  The list can go on and on and on.

For the sake of our children, whether your classroom has 1 digital device or millions, think differently, help less, and demand students to think and create more.  This was evident in the student responses to "What was the best learning experience of your year?"  See the responses below.

A special thank you to all the readers of the iPaddiction website and the friends that I have made through Twitter!  So many ideas so many times implemented!

As for the future, my district has allowed me to become a Grade 6-12 Technology Integration Specialist which means I will have the awesome opportunity to work with teachers to transform their educational settings with technology.  The possibilities of the future are enormous, and I will continue to share everything!

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