Thursday, May 31, 2012

Episode 19 Blogger Tutorial and SITA

This will be the last tech tool tip of 2011-2012.  As many of you integrate technology into more and more lessons, you may consider creating a digital hub for your classroom.  A digital hub (see my classroom blog) can be a place for your students to easily access links that you want them to use and YouTube videos that can introduce or supplement your lessons.  It can also be a great place to showcase student work.

The video provides an unbelievable list of blogger tutorial.

Also, Amy U. sent out an email about a great, FREE technology educational opportunity this summer.  I have created a video tutorial that explains and provides visual links.  Consider attending, it will be a great learning opportunity.

APOLOGY:  The links don't actually work in the video, they are all found below the video.

This will be the last tech tool tip of 2011-2012.  Hopefully, they have been helpful.  Look for more in 2012-2013!

Blogger Tutorial Playlist
SITA Registration
SITA Session Lineup
SITA Individual Session Registration
edCampGB (Thursday, August 2)

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