Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Digital Story Project: Spanish II using Explain Everything as a Template

In collaborating with the Spanish II team of Mrs. Van Gheem-Rottier, Ms. Sampson, and Ms. Slasarek, we developed a digital workflow in which students will be creating written stories based on a template created in Explain Everything.

This stemmed from the template that Mrs. Vertz created.  She wanted students to focus the majority of their time on working through the process and not creating all of the pieces needed in the process.

Explain Everything's "export a project" option allows for "guided creativity" from teacher to student.

In this project, Spanish II students will be showcasing their creativity and language using the Spanish language by creating a digital legend.  Their goal is to use the "preterite and imperfect tense" to create a story about the characters, setting, and plot of their choice.  Only text will be used - no audio.

Read about the entire process and view the "digital workflow" in the images below.

The template that students will "open in" Explain Everything on their iPad has been exported as a project from Explain Everything to Google Drive by the instructors.  Our teachers utilize Canvas to disseminate resources.

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