Friday, December 5, 2014

Mitosis Project Reflection Time For Biology Teachers

Today was reflection time with our biology teachers.  Forty minutes of uninterrupted time with the teachers guided by a Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse Coaching Tool designed by Krista Jiampetti.

Our reflection time was truly beneficial for the establishment of success, things to consider, and student reactions.  We, the biology teachers and myself, were truly blessed with uninterrupted time to talk through the learning experience from start to finish.

I should be able to add more student creations along reflections on the rubric after student creations have been assessed.

View one student creation: 

I am truly humbled to have been a small part in this entire process.  I feel that the entire "peer coaching" model was followed with successes and failures.  Our biology teachers and students were tremendous to work with during the process.  

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