Friday, December 5, 2014

Chopping A YouTube Video With TubeChop

One of our seventh grade teachers, Mrs. Kust, would like students to choose a song, more importantly a 30 second clip of the song, to represent one of six themes from the book, The Outsiders.  To do this we are utilizing TubeChop.  Some features of TubeChop:
  • Exact time of video able to be acquired
  • Preview chopped video
  • Slider or exact time available for chopping the video
  • Able to embed chopped video
  • Able to link to chopped video
Process For Chopping:
  • Find YouTube Video
  • Copy URL
  • Travel to TubeChop
  • Paste URL into TubeChop Site
  • Determine Length of Clip
  • Preview
  • Assign Title To Chopped Video
  • Chop It
  • Copy Chopped Link
  • Paste To Teacher

TubeChop is NOT new, but it is the first time that I created an instructional video for this tool that will be utilized in a classroom.  If you need other examples of how a video can be chopped, the Teachers & Technology blog has some examples.

RESULTS: Our students completed a Google Form that allowed them to submit three videos that matched a theme from the book.  VIEW THE RESULTS

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