Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exporting, Reflecting and Follow Up With Biology Teachers and Explain Everything

As we progress from Coaching Teachers Through Using the Explain Everything App and Large Group Instruction in Biology with Explain Everything, it is now time to export the projects to student's Google Drive and share the final product with the teacher.

Each teacher has placed this on their board with the teacher's email being placed where the blacked out marks are located.

In addition to exporting students will be reflecting on the process of learning utilizing technology.  A Google Form will be completed by each student within the next two days.

We will also be evaluating each student's creation via a rubric that has six aspects of mitosis content and two aspects pertaining to creativity and communication skills.  The teachers will be analyzing the mitosis aspects and I will be contributing to the evaluation of the Creativity and Communication Skills.

A fantastic discovery by one group of students, Inserting GIF into Explain Everything, has surprisingly been taught to a number of groups throughout the mitosis project!

On Friday, the biology teachers and I will meet to discuss the good, bad, and changes that need to be made to improve the entire process.

If you are interested in another "complete digital workflow" process of a techcoach, @techchef4u created Project Planning to assist with getting the word out about what takes place during this entire process.

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