Friday, November 21, 2014

Large Group Instruction in Biology with Explain Everything

A little over one week ago, I coached our Biology teachers on the power of the Explain Everything App.

Today, was our large group instructional time.
  • The App
  • The Project
  • The Rubric
As students entered the room, I had OK Go's Here It Goes Again video playing.  As students were settling down in their seats, I turned down the volume, but left the video playing.  I emphasized with students the background of the group and their creative videos.  So much collaboration, critical thinking and creativity is present in the video.  It was a perfect example for this project.

I liked this idea of music videos so much, I started a YouTube Playlist for videos that are filled with creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.  There are not too many videos in this list as of yet!  More to join the list in the future!

You can see how students experienced this as they entered the room.

On Monday and Tuesday, students will be creating!

I truly believe this was an awesome experience for our classroom teachers who were able learn the details about the app an additional time.  Students also were able to get a field trip to our Large Group Instruction Area.  I was able to teach students which was the first reason I became a teacher.

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