Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Midwest Google Summit Day 2 Resources and Reflection

The second day of my Midwest Google Summit has a variety of speakers and content that allowed for me to learn about a number of great topics.

Ryan Bretag - SAMR, ESM, IPI for Measuring Success

Important Statements:

  • Anything Is Measurable
  • "In Flow" Is Time in Which Students (People) Start Learning Something and After A Lengthy Period of Time Don't Even Realize Time Has Passed (Usually Hours)
  • Three Types of Measurement
    • ESM - Experiential Sampling Method
    • IPI - Instructional Practices Inventory
    • SAMR - Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition
  • After Forms/Surveys Have Focus Group
  • Engagement Needs Roots That Are Data & Facts
  • Think Success Is A Straight Line, But Success Is a Curvy Line
Jennifer Zurawski - Google Hangouts and On Air

Important Statements:

  • Start in Gmail or Google Plus or Google Calendar
  • Tons of Different Uses
  • Hangouts Not Recorded; Hangouts On Air Recorded
  • GAFE accounts = 15 people; Personal accounts = 10 people

Important Statements:
  • All Mobile Google Apps Can Be Found Here
  • Any App Can Be Pushed To Google Drive For Sharing

Important Statements:
  • Loved the Statement: Pencil & Pixel
  • Three Tiered Fish Bowl For Discussion
  • In 2014 We Must Be (Digitally) Agile
  • Alive, Active, Blended
  • Flex Mod: Entire Group of Students Use Communities & Grading Teacher Use Classroom
All of MY SKETCH NOTES can be found on Pinterest.
  • I truly enjoyed creating Sketch Notes during the conference.
  • Sketch Notes allow for total focus on visualizing the concepts that the speaker is presenting.
  • I chose Pinterest because @Braddo recommended it
  • I will continue to learn and enhance my Sketch Notes.
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