Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stick Around iPad App in High School Psychology

In May of 2014, I introduced our staff to the Stick Around App. It is an incredible interactive app that is perfect for content area.  Today, Mr. Krause, High School Pshychology, utilized this app to solidify the parts and functions of the brain.  I introduced the basic features of the app for about five minutes using AirServer to broadcast functions of the iPad app onto our screen.  After that, we periodically would broadcast tips and tricks for about thirty seconds to the students as the situation arose in our classroom.

I was thankful that our Superintendent, Mr. Thompson, joined us today as he was able to witness a technology coach and a classroom teacher working efficiently together.

Truthfully, this learning opportunity couldn't have went any smoother!  It was awesome!

View how and what the students accomplished during this interactive lesson.

Collaboration: Students discovered links and information on one iPad and shared that information with another student on a different iPad utilizing Google Drive.
Creativity:  Students were able to decide the design and content of their puzzle.
Critical Thinking: Not only did students need to label parts of the brain, they also needed to provide additional resources for supporting the purpose of each brain part.
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