Thursday, January 9, 2014

Middle School Math Apps (Chicken Coop, Thinking Blocks) Installed Today

The following FREE math apps were installed on our seventh grade iPads today.  Below are some reflections of each math app.

Chicken Coop Fraction Estimation Game

  • Be aware of the music.  Fortunately, there is a button that can mute the music.
  • Three easy, three hard levels
  • Proper Fractions, Proper Fractions of Numbers, Improper Fractions, Improper Fractions of Numbers
  • Middle school students may find it humorous that the chickens raise their backsides an "pop" an egg out
  • Chickens will "fire" an egg toward the correct answer
  • Get the answer wrong and things will get messy
  • The "hard" problems are challenging
  • No method for pausing and calculating while still looking at the problem
  • If a student does pause to work on the problem, the answer is given immediately upon "continuing" of the game.
  • Can adjust "time per question", can create a "no time" game
  • Can adjust "accuracy"

  • Word problem based
  • Diagrams & labeling first, numbers added to the model next
  • Can't proceed to next step without "checking" first
  • Built in calculator 
  • Writing on iPad capabilities
  • Instructions for students (should they choose to read them)
  • Checks along the way provide "new" mathematical manipulatives
  • CONFUSING: Number pad to enter answer, "Calculator On" button to obtain calculator for work

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