Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Comic Maker iPad App In Science

Mr. Lenz is using the Comic Maker iPad app so that students can critically think and create a clear understanding of Experimental Design Process.  A rubric was created.

Students talk about the app and the process.

Creativity: Students needed to add some form of personal design to facilitate the knowledge of the Experimental Design Process.  Many different characters and settings help to establish a time line to understand the process.

Follow Up:
In an afternoon email received from the classroom teacher, some insightful information about the learning opportunity was provided.

  • I found out it was not JUST the app that helped them to derive their own learning, but I found the conversations/discussions all throughout the day(s) as the real basis for synthesis of learning. The app serve as a vehicle for understanding.
  •  I highly recommend the app. For far, this app has brought the greatest forum for improvement of learning. And the kids enjoyed it... that is always a bonus!
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