Friday, February 7, 2014

Educreations For Individual Tutoring

Mrs. Whitens has discovered Educreations for creating mathematical lessons specifically pertaining to her classroom content.  As she states, "It (Educreations) frees up my time to work with more than one student on an individual basis at a time."

A site was created by Mrs. Whitens to provide step by step directions for completing math processes.  However, other people's creations don't always meet the exact needs that need to be met in classrooms.  Having teachers create their own "screencasts" allows for specific directed details to be broadcast to the students.

The beauty of this is that students who understand the material can move at their pace.  While students who don't understand the concepts can still go at their pace, but with additional support from the instructor.

Educreations was chosen because at the current time, YouTube is blocked at our school.  Educreations allows for quick recording on an iPad and hosting on their server.

Three effective screencasting tools are available on the iPad.  Two free, one paid.  See how I explained them at #SLATE2013.

Impact On Students:
Critical Thinking:  Students have an individual tutor with them via a screencast.  This focuses students to think about the process of completion of a task while following directions from an instructor.  They are also encouraged to seek assistance when questions or clarification is needed pertaining to a concept.
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