Monday, January 9, 2012

Educreations App - Activity and Features of App

The overall lesson in which we implemented Educreations is here.  The specific lesson is here.  We originally were going to use Screenchomp, but with new district settings to the network, we were having trouble saving it to the cloud.  This is our reason for trying Educreations.

  • Our tech people are working very hard to resolve the issue.  They are great and will!

While the app itself is great.  This has been a struggle.  As with anything there is a learning curve.  What I want is to have students create a lesson using the iPad to prove to me that they understand the concepts being taught.  Educreations is perfect for this!  It has a great amount of features which you will see.  One negative is the challenge to post it online in an area like Twitter.

  • Very important video at the end!

However, it takes a few tricks to get the creation to be finalized and viewed.  This is our first attempt at using Educreations.  I am sure it will get better.

There might be a better way!  If so, please leave a comment.

Initially, on Friday, we didn't give them much of a direction as we wanted students to create on their own.  Today, I felt we needed to give some direction.  The organization of four slides helped greatly.

I really liked how this student CHOSE to use a different app to enhance his Educreations. Awesome to see students take control of their learning!

I apologize for the video being turned.  The content is outstanding as a student talks about how to save the Educreation without logging in.  I am so willing to hear from students on what they have learned and they love being video taped and put on YouTube!
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