Friday, February 7, 2014 For Reviewing The Presidential Roles

Last April, a Lunch N' Learn session focused on  The incredible tool that allows questions and comments to be synced directly with specific times in a video.  Following the learning session, one of our high school English teachers utilized this tool for implementing an assessment on her SMARTboard.

What makes our teachers fantastic is there willingness to learn something new when it hits them, "There must be a better way!"

That's exactly what occurred when Mrs. McCumber wanted to have her students analyze the latest Presidential State of the Union address from the perspective related to content in her class. allowed her to focus on "Presidential Roles" that occurred during the speech.  While it did take some time to review the one hour speech, it took mere seconds to find the exact spot in the speech in which she wanted to focus on.  Simply click on the time that you would like to view in the note and the video corresponds!

From a technical stand point, saves all the notes in Google Drive.  This allows for sharing and easy access.  A newer feature is the integration with Evernote!  An additional feature is the speed of the video and how that can be adjusted.  This could be used in analyzing science experiments or sporting clips.  It would be great if the could be embedded into a site or blog.  As it is now, only a link can be obtained for sharing.

View the Speech and Mrs. McCumber's notes.

Impact On Students:
Critical Thinking:   Analyzing anything requires a thinking process.  While Mrs. McCumber did the critical thinking for this activity (breaking the down the speech), students could do the same thing in an upcoming learning experience.
Collaboration: Since is synced with Google Drive, students can analyze a video as a group.  Simply share the with group members giving them editing rights.

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