Thursday, January 10, 2013

Physics Lab Report Enhanced With PicPlayPost

"More engaging than our usual paper reports."

"I liked how the video was right next to our graphs."

"Creating the backgrounds was fun!"

"It's easier than using a slide show."

All statements from students in class.

Lab reports have been created for years.  To enhance the reports, we decided to use the PicPlayPost app as a technology tool to incorporate the Venier Video Physics app and the graphs that were prepared from the analization of the video.

Some challenges that we did run into occurred prior to creation.  The students worked extremely hard at applying the initial vertical velocity data, as recorded in the Video Physics app, to the horizontal distance that a dart could travel.

I liked how the teacher set perameters for four parts of the PicPlayPost and left up to two more parts for creativity.

This lesson could really have taken off with more time for interviews by the students who could have verbally explained the process and interpreted the data.

Finally, students shared the lab report with the instructor by using the Google Drive app.

View the process!

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