Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vernier Video Physic App In Action With Students

Today, was the culmination of a few hours of prep work with and without the physics teacher, Steve Blackford.  I completely taught the Video Physics app during first hour while the content teacher focused on the objectives of the lab.  The classroom teacher and I took more of a team teaching approach during second hour.  During the third hour, I was present in the classroom to simply provide support and to answer any tech questions that may arise (there were very few) during the content teachers complete explanation of the lab and the tech tool being used.  For the rest of the day, the content teacher is teaching both the lab and the tech tool features that will be implemented to fulfill the lesson objectives.  If he does have any questions, he can always review the video tutorial that was made for him.

I believe that having gradual release of the tech tool responsibility to the classroom teacher is truly the best way to support implementation of tech tool into the content area. Combine that with discussions with the content teacher to determine the best tool prior to the lesson and students are receiving quality, efficient instruction.

See how the day progressed!
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