Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Setting The Message In (Virtual) Stone

While I am impartial to iPads, I realize that many digital devices will make my following point!  Having verbal guidance from a teacher is one thing (an effective thing), having visually appealing pictures, written language, or video substance can make or break a student's ability to succeed.

Since we have iPads and every student has digital access during school AND after school, I decided to place all three lessons (Algebra, PreAlgebra, Social Studies) in written form and visual form on our classroom blog.  I am finding that many students struggle with following directions!  In the past, students may only hear the instructions while in class or receive the instructions on paper (but subsequently lose the paper).  Placing instructions on the web, allows for the content to be relatively "written in stone".

Digital Tools Used By Instructor OR Students During The Three Lessons

Without a digital device, iPads!, this would not be possible.

Become a student and see what they saw, read what they read, and view what they viewed.



Social Studies
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