Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#RaiderFieldofDreams Social Media Campaign Kicks Off In Marketing Principles

On February 2, we introduced the Marketing Principles students to Canva.  Students proceeded to create a personal logo, website, and as of today a marketing campaign geared toward our school's "Seat Licensing" opportunity in our new stadium.

Since Mr. Otto and I met the first time, I have always liked the purpose for this learning opportunity.  Students are learning about "Marketing Principles Objectives" at the same time that they are learning about "Personal Branding" objectives.  All within the confines of a real situation that can benefit our school.

View The Scope, Sequence and Objectives

Today we introduced the Social Media Campaign and aspects of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

After the presentation, all of the students were working diligently to clean up their social media feeds.  I believe that the purpose for cleaning up the feeds was that tomorrow four clients are coming in to explain what they want in the social media campaign.

Students Cleaning Up Their Social Media Feeds

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