Thursday, April 28, 2016

One of Three Things Happens To All Educational Information Acquired In A Learning Environment

Lately, I've added a few more podcasts to my learning network.  Because of this, "The Sport of Business", especially episode 49, has provided me with some thinking material.

Matt Scanlon, Business Mentor and owner/operator of CrossFit Memorial Hill in Kansas City, MO recently stated in a podcast that three things happen to businesses.

  • The Business Closes (goes out of business)
  • The Business is Sold (or acquired)
  • The Business Gets Passed On To Someone Else (as a legacy business)
Over the last week, I have been team teaching with Mr. Todd Rodal, allowing students to learn, comprehend, and present information based on four groups.  Students need to meet the objectives, but have choice in how they learn the information and in how they present the information.

Because of my recent team teaching experience and "The Sport of Business" podcast, I have added important information to designing lessons.  Of course, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity are always prevalent while designing learning opportunities.  However, combining that with one of three things that happens to all educational information acquired in a learning environment may drive designing a lesson to new levels.
  • Students Disregard Content Closing It Out Of Their Brain
  • Students Ask More Questions To Dig Deeper Into A Concept
  • Students Pass On The "Amazing" Information That They Learned To Someone Else
Think about that!

Students take the information and disregard it!  They can't see how it relates to ANYTHING in their life.  To a greater degree, they start asking questions, because they are somewhat engaged and intrigued by the information that they would like to know more about it!  Finally, the information is so amazing, the students have asked so many questions to know more about it and feel motivated, compelled even, to tell someone else about how great the information is so that the information can be utilized by other people in a positive way.

The next time it's "lesson design" time, consider how the "three things that happen to all educational information acquired" will influence the educational experience for students.

Come to think of it, what are you going to do with the information in this blog post?

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