Thursday, April 21, 2016

Innovative Ideas: Objectives Met Through Choice In A Flex Mod Diversity Class

Through a conversation, I reached out to Mr. Rodal, Social Studies (Diversity Class), to provide an opportunity for students to meet specific objectives while choosing the product they create.

It's always a balance between "old school" education which entails read this, listen to this, and answer questions that somehow shows you understand the objectives that need to be met, and the "new school" movement that allows for students to meet objectives while choosing the path to acquire the information.  In addition, providing students the opportunity to "show what they know" in a creative fashion.  I say "balance" because this class is "transcribed" with a technical college which, in my opinion, is of the "old school" model for learning when comes to this class.

The objectives met with choice!

Mr. Rodal's students will

  • Discover the four main groups to study in a flex mod large group
  • Know the objectives that need to be met 
  • Propose (through a Google Form) why they should be able to study the group during a flex mod large group (partners are acceptable)
  • "Pitch" to their peers in a flex mod small group what their final product will be to display that they "know the objectives."
  • Peers provide feedback to each "pitch person" during flex mod small group
  • Students work during flex mod labs with students possibly not in their lab group through a collaborative technology tool.
  • Students "polish" the product during second flex mod large group
  • Students produce a "final product" showing objectives being met during a flex mod large group.
Students will be held accountable for "work time during the work day" during flex mod PLT (personal learning time) by acquiring signatures from monitors.

We would like technology to be used because of the skills we are seeking to master other than just the objectives.

All the resources can be found HERE

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